Meet the newest member of the Pretty family–Jasiri, an orphaned baby elephant from Africa.

We are proud to support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation.

Please read Jasiri’s story here:


At Pretty, we believe in the importance of positive change

through social responsibility to help create a better world.


Dear friends,


In our largely disposable world, it is increasingly important to be involved in the preservation of our natural ecosystems and the survival of our endangered species.


After an enlightening trip to Africa, I felt the urgency to actively participate in protecting the beauty of our wildlife.  Seeing carcasses of elephants due to illegal poaching for the ivory trade left me feeling heartbroken and ashamed at the actions of mankind.  Combined with habitat loss from human settlement, the decline in the elephant population is dramatic and unforgivable.  It is estimated that the extinction of elephants will occur by 2025 at their current rate of mortality.  How can one stand back and simply watch as an entire species is slaughtered to extinction?


When Pretty was founded, it was important for our company values to include supporting charities that are committed to improving the future survival of endangered species and sustaining the beauty of our natural ecosystems.  We hope that by bringing awareness to these issues, we are promoting positive change, whether it be small or large, in an effort to preserve the biodioversity of life.